Oracle Golden Gate

Implementation and configuration of the Oracle Golden Gate replication:

The objective of this training is to explain the fundamental concepts of Oracle GoldenGate used for data replication and integration. At the end of this training, the participants are expected to have Goldegate knowledge and will be able to start working on live projects.

• We support Oracle Goldengate replication

• Installation, configuration and monitoring

• 24*7 Oracle DBA online value-added support

• Proactive Oracle Goldengate monitoring using in house-built tools and Oracle OEM’s

Version: Oracle 12c GoldenGate

Platform: UNIX / Any flavour of Linux supported by Oracle 11.x.x.x GoldenGate/12c

Version: Oracle 12c GoldenGate

Database: Oracle multitenant Architecture

Oracle GoldenGate concepts will be explained by demonstration programs wherever required on Oracle Database running on Linux/Windows Platform.

Course Contents:

1) Overview of Oracle Database Architecture

2) Introduction to Oracle Golden Gate Oracle Golden Gate Replication Solutions for Live Reporting, Real Time Data Warehousing, Live Standby Database, and High Availability. Supported databases and platforms Advantages of Oracle Golden Gate

3) Installing Oracle Golden Gate Downloading the software from Oracle website. Installing Oracle Golden Gate Explaining Subdirectories Preparing Oracle 12c database for data replication

4) Oracle Goldengate Architecture Concepts and Components Process Data Flow Design Considerations

5) Configuring & Preparing the Environment- Configuring the Manager process Describing the Manager Parameters Starting the Manager process Configuring GLOBALS file

6) DML Replication - Online Change Synchronization Description and Demo Integrated Extract vs Classic Extract Integrated Replicat vs Classic Classic Replicat

7) Initial Load Getting two databases into sync initially

8) Zero Downtime Migration and Upgradation using Goldengate Strategy

9) Goldengate 12c new features

10) Parameter files Parameters How to Comprehend Parameter File How to configure Parameter File

11) Data Definitions File Overview of Data Definitions File When to use Data Definitions Files Types of Data Definitions File Configuring Data Definitions File

12) DDL Replication Alter, Drop, Create Overview of DDL synchronization Configuring Extract and Replicat for DDL replication

13) Bidirectional Replication CDR (Conflict detection and Resolution) Active Active Active Passive

14) Oracle Goldengate Security WalletCreation Password Encryption

15) Troubleshoot Goldengate Issues Discard File Creation Add a new table in already running goldengate config Adjusting the extract and replicat based on SCN/DB logs/Timestamp

16) Managing Oracle Golden Gate Managing trail files Automating process startup Using reporting and statistics

17) Reading trail files Logdump Utility